Member Benefits

Through membership at the ERC5, you also gain access to our Interactive Member Portal which means you have the power to market your business, promote your brand, and grow your online visibility. Through the use of News Releases, Events, and more you have the ability to market your business not only through our website but through all of our social media channels which in total reaches thousands of people each day.

    In today’s virtual age, the benefits and exposure that ERC5 members receive is unlike anything available before. As the need for webinars and virtual meetings grew, the ERC5 adapted and increased our virtual presence.  If you have any questions regarding the information provided please contacting the office at (413) 224-2444 or

    Also as a current member, you are welcome to recognize and provide new members with business savings.  The ERC5 provides discounts and special cost-savings programs that would otherwise be unavailable to businesses, resulting in significant, tangible savings.

    Your membership with the ERC5, East of the River Five-Town Chamber provides you with

    • Access to your Member Portal which means you have the power to market your business, promote your brand and grow your online visibility. Using our website to promote your News Releases provides you a platform to share what’s happening with members as well as populating into our Twitter account. 
    • Networking Opportunities. It’s not just who you know, it’s who other know. Networking is a long-term strategy.  We are here to help you plat the seed and grow relationships with others that will help you in promoting your brand and what you stand for.
    • We assist you in getting noticed in your community.  The ERC5 can help strengthen your reputation in our five-town footprint by giving you excellent photo opportunities and ways to interact with diverse groups within out footprint.  The chamber can help you get involved, cultivate good will, and standout and get noticed as an active member of the community.
    • The ERC5 provides training and professional development opportunities to help you learn and grow on a variety of topics.  
    • Gain a say in what happens in government through the Chamber advocacy efforts.