ERC5 Member Spotlight Facts & Fusion Program

ERC5 Member are now able to host webinars through the ERC5's new "Member Spotlight Facts & Fusion" program.

Your business can choose a date to host a one-hour webinar for the cost of $500.00. This format offers a platform which affords you the opportunity to share your expertise throughout our business community, region, and beyond. Attendee registration is open to any person or business wanting to learn about your area of expertise.

The best part is webinars do not need to be "academic" in nature. However, we strongly encourage fact-based, fun-learning on a broad range of appealing topics which promote your business! Give us a call and we will help make your ERC5 Facts & Fusion webinar catchy, interesting, topical, but beyond all else, make it yours.

Once we have the information, we will start promoting your Facts & Fusion webinar with weekly emails to our member list of 850 email contacts. We will market the webinar in a number of ways which include-posting your event multiple times on our social media platforms, announcing it during events (if available), and showcasing it on our website, After the webinar is over, and with your permission, we will post the recording on our website as a resource. The ERC5 office will handle the registration, videoconferencing (using Zoom), AND provide you with the attendee's registration list for follow-up.

Look under the Events Calendar to see if your date is available and register for a date today! Click here to register!

To view the full list of Roles and Responsibilities along with some helpful recommendations, please click here for the attached file.

Facts and Fusion program